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Julane Lund is a dynamic musician based in Indiana who sings and plays mostly on violin, fiddle, and Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (known in Norwegian as hardingfele). She also performs on viola, piano, "companion" organ, Native American style flutes, Norwegian bone flute, Norwegian willow bark flute, bison horn flute, frame drum, double headed Lakota drum, tenor ukulele, and Davidic harp. Her background includes Western art music, and she specializes in Norwegian and Norwegian-American traditional music. She has performed Celtic music and Americana music for several ensembles in the U.S. She currently performs world music, and music that facilitates healing, joy, and spiritual meaning. Julane tours internationally.

Video of Julane & the Raven Road Band

Video of Julane & the Ennis Clare Irish Band

Video of Julane Playing Hardingfele in Russia

Previous events


Julane & Ennis Clare

 —  —

The Friendly Tavern



Julane with Ennis Clare

 —  —

Hamilton East Library



Ennis Clare plays for a Fish Fry!

 —  —

Holy Spirit at Geist Catholic Church

Go to the large building with the gymnasium behind the church.



Julane with Ennis Clare

 —  —

Claddagh, Plainfield



Julane Lund, solo

 —  —

Meadow Lakes, 200 Meadow Lakes Dr., Mooresville

Guests attending this holiday celebration will stroll through the rooms to hear Julane on one side of the building and another musician on the other side.



Julane with Students

Martinsville High School, Martinsville

Julane will perform briefly with violin and piano students and make an announcement about Julane Lund's Acoustic Music Night prior to a performance of the Nutcracker Ballet.



Julane with Ennis Clare

 —  —

Claddagh, Plainfield



Raven Road plays at the Heartland Apple Festival

Beasley Orchard, Danville

Age limit: All ages



Raven Road Plays at the Heartland Apple Festival

Beasley Orchard, Danville

There are lots of fun things to do here for the whole family!

Age limit: All ages


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Gig Dates Not Always Shown 

Depending on my schedule I may not have time to list dates when I am performing. I usually perform at least every weekend and sometimes I go for weeks or months without posting information for my upcoming gigs. My apologies for those of you who check my website to find out about upcoming gigs! If you don't see any upcoming gigs listed on my website calendar (or if it looks like not much is listed) then feel free to send me an e-mail and I will be happy to respond to your questions about upcoming gigs. 

Program Change for Lund's Acoustic Music Night 

There have been changes made to the schedule for the upcoming concert on January 16, 2015. Due to an unfortunate injury, Theodore Ceplina will not be performing or exhibiting his pysanky folk art eggs. Please keep him in your thoughts since he injured a finger very seriously and is currently unable to play music at all. In his place on the stage another fantastic musician will perform.  Svetla Vladeva plays the bayan (chromatic button accordion). Here is some information about Svetla and her music!

Svetla Vladeva was born in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, and began playing piano accordion at the age of eight. She was introduced to Balkan folk music at an early age through her aunt and uncle, who are folk musicians. She began a self-learning program on the performance of the bayan at the start of her university studies. Although classically trained, Svetla's repertoire includes musical pieces of many styles and genres. These include folk music from around the world, as well as popular and contemporary music. Her past performances include the world premieres of the contemporary operas Vincent by Bernard Rands, and Unicamente La Verdad! (Only the Truth!) by Mexican composer Gabriela Ortiz.

Svetla has performed as a soloist and with many ensembles throughout Europe and the United States, and most recently with the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Latin American Ensemble, the Indiana University Chamber Orchestra, the Silk Road Ensemble of Bloomington, the Middle Eastern group, Salaam, and the ensemble of traditional European music, Daily Bread. She is the leader of the Eastern European Ensemble and the founder of the accordion ensemble In Accord. In addition to performing, Svetla teaches button and keyboard accordion, piano, and music theory. 

Julane Lund's Acoustic Music Night 

Each year Julane hosts a wonderful evening of acoustic music. The concert this year will take place Friday, January 16, 2015! The details about this event are on the "Annual Concert" page of this website. However, read details about the featured musicians here!

Don't miss the additional art exhibit! With the cost of admission to Julane Lund’s Acoustic Music Night on January 16, audience members will see an exhibit of over 300 meticulously painted pysanky eggs by guest musician/artist Theodore Ceplina. The eggs are painted in folk styles from Poland and Ukraine (see more details below about Ceplina and his art). This exhibit is only open during the night of the concert!

Details About the Musicians: 

Theodore Ceplina, from Madison, Wisconsin, started his study of the piano at the age of seven, and several years later, music from around the globe captured his heart.  He first studied traditional Indian music from an Indian family that lived near to his childhood home, in Wisconsin. By his late teens he was playing a large array of instruments from around the world, exhibiting at cultural festivals, and making every attempt to absorb as much music as he could. Ceplina moved to Chicago a year after high school and there he was able to learn many different musical traditions much more in depth. He studied with Patric Marks (a classical Indian virtuoso from India), Hyun Chung Kim (master of the large, Korean, bamboo flute called Daegeum), and John Williams (founder/member of the famous Celtic band, Solas), to name a few. Theodore eventually travelled to India to further his studies of Indian instruments. 

Ceplina started making his own flutes out of bamboo as a pre-teen.  However, in 2004 Theodore met Louis Webster, a Menomonee master flute maker who lived in Wisconsin. Ceplina studied with Webster, and he became highly influenced by Webster’s style but he is also influenced by makers from centuries past. Today Ceplina is a master flute maker in his own right, and his Native American style flutes are intricately carved and painted to look like herons, woodpeckers, vultures, and more. He frequently performs on these special flutes that are tuned in the traditional way. The traditional tuning is very different from the “Westernized” sound of contemporary Native American flutes that are commonly heard today. 

Having an eye for visual detail in addition to music making and instrument building, Theodore also is an accomplished artist of pysanky. Pysanky are eggs painted with detailed folk designs and they can be found in Ukraine and Poland. Because of his Polish heritage Ceplina has been making art inspired by the designs found in the Podlasie, and Kaszuby regions of Poland.  Kaszuby is where his family originated from. For Ceplina, the egg is not just a visual art, it is performance art, and much like music, it captures moods, feelings, and deep symbolism. He states “There is a common belief that as long as someone is doing pysanky the world will continue to exist.” Ceplina firmly believes this can be applied to all art forms. He exclaims “Art is what makes us human, it's a distinct experience that soothes the soul.” Over three hundred of Ceplina’s pysanky will be on exhibit during the concert. 

Natalie Coffin is an accomplished singer-songwriter from Martinsville, Indiana. A classically trained pianist, Natalie brings a deep knowledge of piano technique to her song writing and beautifully melds it with pop, rock, soul, and folk influences.  

Natalie Coffin is a veteran member of The Lance Camaron Band, and has performed with local favorites Jennie Devoe, Jenn Cristy, Bobbie Lancaster, Janiece Jaffe, Curtis Cantwell Jackson and Denise Sherman.   Natalie also toured with the Internationally acclaimed group Up With People.

Her song “Alleleiuah” from her self-titled debut CD was a featured winner in the Blooming-tunes song contest in Bloomington, Indiana. Her follow-up CD, Something Higher, features the song “Bursting Forth From The Flower Of This Life”, a fan favorite, and her personal tribute to Nina Simone.

Natalie’s songs are spiritual, soulful, transformative and raw.  When she plays the piano, she offers her voice as a channel for the divine.

Dr. Thomas Zirkle, of St. Louis, Missouri, is affectionately known as “Dr. Z.” He is music program coordinator at St. Louis Community College at Forest Park, where he teaches music theory and percussion. He has performed three full concerts for Lund’s Concert Series in the past, and, through the support of the Morgan County Community Concert Association and Zirkle’s own donation of time, he has taught a number of master classes at Martinsville High School, in Indiana. 

Audiences are surprised and delighted at the unique and varied array of instruments that Dr. Z brings to his performances. He has transcribed and performed complex works by Bach to be played on marimba, and he transfixes audiences with his performances on the glass harmonica.  (The glass harmonica consists of a large number of wine glasses filled to exact amounts with water.  Each glass produces a particular pitch when tapped with sticks.) Dr. Zirkle enjoys composing music, and he is currently working on a book of his own compositions for an Egyptian tambourine. He also enjoys playing music in experimental and creative ways. Audiences almost always learn something new about musical instruments and how they can be played after hearing Dr. Z perform. His performances are educational and inspiring. 

Sponsors of Julane Lund’s Acoustic Music Night:

Julane Lund’s Acoustic Music Night has been made possible in part thanks to support from the Morgan County Community Foundation, the Community Concerts Association of Morgan County, and Julane Lund.  

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