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Julane Lund is a dynamic musician based in Indiana who sings and plays violin, fiddle, and Norwegian Hardanger fiddle (known in Norwegian as hardingfele). She also performs on viola, piano, "companion" organ, Native American style flutes, Norwegian bone flute, Norwegian willow bark flute, bison horn flute, frame drum, double headed Lakota drum, tenor ukulele, and Davidic harp. Her background includes Western art music, and she specializes in Norwegian and Norwegian-American traditional music. She has performed Celtic music and Americana music for several ensembles in the U.S. She currently performs inspirational world music. Julane tours internationally.

Video of Julane & the Raven Road Band

Video of Julane & the Ennis Clare Irish Band

Video of Julane Playing Hardingfele in Russia

Previous events


Guest Performance with Band

 —  —

FUMC, Mooresville, IN


Private Event



Music for Sons of Norway Anniversary!

Ritz Carlton, Carmel, Indiana, US

Come celebrate the 17th of May Norwegian Independence Day (as well as a special anniversary for the Circle City Lodge of the Sons of Norway) by enjoying a wonderful Norwegian meal and hearing Julane play traditional Norwegian and Norwegian-American music on both the conventional violin and the Hardanger fiddle. She will be wearing her bunad (traditional dress) from Gudbrandsdalen. The cost of attendance is $30.00.


Norwegian Music for Private Event



Fundraising Concert for Eden

 —  —

Mooresville First United Methodist Church, 900 Indianapolis Rd., Mooresville, IN

The goal of this concert is to introduce the audience to a little girl named Eden, who lives in an orphanage in a foreign country. All of the money raised from this concert will be placed into a fund held by Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc. in Eden's name. The money will finally be awarded to a family that steps forward to adopt Eden. Admission is free, although freewill donations are encouraged. This concert will include a variety of music styles and types of instruments played by Julane. The music can be described as "inspirational world music."


Julane & Ennis Clare

 —  —

The Friendly Tavern


Julane with Ennis Clare

 —  —

Hamilton East Library


Ennis Clare plays for a Fish Fry!

 —  —

Holy Spirit at Geist Catholic Church

Go to the large building with the gymnasium behind the church.

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New Music and Online Concerts 

This is a time of big changes for me as a musician. After many years of playing with various ensembles and bands I have decided to take this time to focus on music that I feel most passionate about. I have lots of creative ideas right now and I am looking forward to trying them out. I will mostly be working as a solo musician, although I already have met with other like-minded musicians to cook up some wonderful new sounds with them too. I will definitely be playing more Scandinavian-American music than I have in the past several years, but there likely will be fusion with other genres in ways to make it new and more alive. 

Besides giving a glimpse at what type of music I'll play, here are some immediate plans that you will see implemented in the near future:

Although I have hosted a concert series at the Art Sanctuary of Indiana for five years, I have decided that at this point I will focus on my career as a musician, and I'll support other people who organize concert series rather than having additional responsibilities as a concert organizer myself. If you live in Indiana and you have been a fan of my concert series, then I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I hope that the music that you have heard has broadened your horizons. I also want to give a heartfelt thanks to all of the many people who have volunteered for my series in the past several years! If you want to hear more live music locally then I recommend seeing what I have written below as well as attending the concert series hosted by the Morgan County Concert Association.

Although I won't any longer be bringing in other musicians with the object of showcasing them, I will be utilizing an online program that will allow me to give on-the-web concerts, often with other musicians.  This will allow fans to hear my music from virtually anywhere in the world. These will be live concerts, and most of them will not be recorded or archived. So, if people want to hear them they have to attend each special, online concert. I really like the idea of this since I have quite a collection of instruments from around the world and I don't want to carry them around to various gigs (not to mention the difficulty of taking them all on flights or trains). Online concerts allow me to perform a greater number of instruments in a set up that is more comfortable and convenient for me. I plan to have many of these concerts from my studio, and if there is space a small number of live audience members may be able to attend. I will not have to do much advanced work to set up since the concerts will be in my studio. 

Soon I will share with you the music that I am passionate about! I'm delighted at having a new way to share it with people who live both near and far!


Gig Dates Not Always Shown 

Depending on my schedule I may not have time to list dates when I am performing. I usually perform at least every weekend and sometimes I go for weeks or months without posting information for my upcoming gigs. My apologies for those of you who check my website to find out about upcoming gigs! If you don't see any upcoming gigs listed on my website calendar (or if it looks like not much is listed) then feel free to send me an e-mail and I will be happy to respond to your questions about upcoming gigs. 

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